Keep up to date with current information about the special education sector.

 The Ministry of Education NZ has many links to information about Special Schools, funding and special education issues.  Below are several important links for those seeking information about how the New Zealand system operates.

1.   Special Education Update

The Special Education Update Action Plan show how we will work to improve the education system for students with additional needs.  We are now running Update Projects in communities around New Zealand that will help us with a new national service delivery model in 2016.

This link below takes you to the government's education site about the special education update.

2.   Briefings to the Incoming Minister

Briefings to the Incoming Minister (BIMS) ensure that Ministers are fully briefed on their portfolios.  This year's briefings were designed not only to help Ministers, but to be useful and helpful for the whole of the education secotr.  We intend that these briefings be used by all as a tool to assist and understand current and potential challenges in the forthcoming years.

The first link below takes to the general site.

The second link takes you to the BIM relating to special education - Success For All

4.   Ongoing Resourcing Scheme ORS

The funding that entitles students to attend their local special school.